John Kirkland, Denver Calhoun, Tim Switzer, Brandon Simpson

The Great Hiatus




  January 2008
Groovnotic  is on "hiatus", that musical metaphor for "not together any more".  It  was a fun ride, with a few bright moments and some fair musical  achievements.  Good luck to everyone in their new musical exploits, and  who knows, maybe there will be a "Reunion Tour" in the future, if the  money is right. (Just kidding). 


    Funky, groovin' blues, rock and jazz are what Groovnotic is all about.

Inspired by numerous deep-rooted, genre-bending music, Groovnotic is  focused on delivering gripping, rocking music, empowered many years of  musical development.

Formed in 2004 by John Kirkland (guitar),  Tim Switzer (drums),  adding Brandon Simpson (bass) in 2005, and Denver  Calhoun (guitar) in 2006 , Groovnotic plays funky, bluesy rock fused  with elements of numerous genres. The three members all come from  previous bands, and share accomplished musical backgrounds.
The group has played numerous shows in Lexington and Louisville. 

John  Kirkland began his musical career in Lexington, KY with House of Funk  in 1996, then went on to form LunaGroova. In the years LunaGroova was  together, the band performed at numerous clubs, theaters, and festivals.  Their 1998 CD Express Your Highways received airplay on several radio stations, and penetrated the internet  via the then embryonic They played with notable acts including  RUN DMC, Johnny Socko, and Heavy Weather.

Tim Switzer's first  band experience was with a punk outfit called Boo Critters, from  1994-1996.  After moving to Chattanooga, TN, he joined jam band  Pour, performing throughout the Southeast US from 1998-2000. Pour  performed with acts such as Third Eye Blind, Drivin' & Cryin', and  Local H. Tim went on to form Us and Them in 2000, a Pink Floyd inspired  project. Tim has also spent time as a studio session drummer, playing  across numerous genres.

Brandon Simpson has performed with a number of acts, including The Neighbors and Sun Kings. He joined Groovnotic in 2005.

Denver Calhoun brings years of guitar expertise to the group.   A former collaborator  with Brandon Simpson in the past,
he is the newest member of the group, joining in late 2006. 



  Groovnotic's CD (explodes) was recorded and released in 2006.

Track Listing:

  Ain't No Fool  
(Kirkland, Simpson, Switzer)

Liza Jane  
(Kirkland, Simpson, Switzer)

Life Ain't Easy>Surfing to Persia  
(Kirkland, Simpson, Switzer)

(Kirkland, Simpson, Switzer)

Recorded and Mixed by Chuck Moreland
All tracks (c) 2005 Groovnotic 

Gig history

Shows Played

September 13th, 2007  The Fishtank, Lexington
September 9th Cumberland Groove, Lake Cumberland, KY
August 15th, 2007 The Dame (w/Thirteenth Sun)
December 20th-The Dame (w/ Upshot Trio)
September 8th Lynagh's (Feat. Tyler Barnett)
August 19 2006 Lynagh's (Feat. Tyler Barnett)
July 3rd-Fourth of July Block Party (Lexington)
June 15th-Lynagh's
June 14th Decent Exposure at Blue Moon
May 9th 2006 Comedy Off Broadway (House Band)
March 26th 2006 Lynagh's
January 18th 2006 The Dame
December 9 2005  Gerstles (Louisville)
August 10 2005 The Dame  (w/Cosmic Dirt, Heroes and Thieves)
July 13 2005 The Dame (w/The Rudies)
June 3 2005 High on Rose (w/ Quiver of Jasper)
December 14, 2004 The Dame (Chuck Moreland on Bass)